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Monday, April 1, 2019

Now Available: Audio Books!

Have you tried it yet? Tried listening to an audio book on your way to work, on your road trip, on that slow-and-go freeway exodus? More and more people are doing it, and loving it. 

It's been my experience, as an author, that converting books to audio adds a new dimension to the story. It has a way of bringing the characters to life, of adding a depth and an immediacy to the story. A good narrator not only captures the nuances of the characters but conveys their emotions in a much fuller way than the words on a page. 

In that vein, I'm happy to announce that Book 3 of the Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud Mystery Series, Star Walk, is now available as an audio book, along with Books 1 and 2, Ghost Walk and Skin Walk. Narrator Laura Wilson has done an excellent job of bringing Sam and Lacey to life in these first three books, and she'll be doing the rest of the books in the series in the coming months. If you're already fans of Sam and Lacey, you might consider the audio books, because it's experiencing them and their adventures in a whole new way.

Not sure if audio books are for you? Want to listen to samples? It's easy. Just go to my soundcloud page and you can try out any of my audio books. 

If you haven't yet "met" Sam and Lacey, Book 1 of the series, Ghost Walk, is always just 99 cents. 

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  1. Hi--How did you create them? Did you use Audacity? Or use the path of shared royalties? Did you find it very expensive? (Do reply to my FB page @AnUnexpectedUniverse--it shows a Google link here that hasn't been used for like five years!)

  2. Regina, I'll reply here and to your FB page. I used ACX, which is Amazon's audio book subsidy. The completed audio books are marketed both on Amazon and on Audible. Yes, I always go with shared royalties on my audio books, and doing it that way means no out-of-pocket expenses. I wrote a post about my first experience for Indies Unlimited here: