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Monday, April 8, 2019

Now Available: Audio Book of Burning Through

Do you love a good ghost story? Me, too. My book Burning Through came to me in a strange way; strange, except for us writers. Another author friend told me briefly that she was writing a ghost story, except her story had two ghosts, one good and one evil. I thought that was an interesting premise. And, as happens so often with writers, I began to think, "If I were to write something like that, how would I do it?" That was all it took. 

This book flowed so well, so easily, that I wrote it in something like 32 days. I just remember being almost consumed by it. In the mornings I would type up what I had plotted out the night before, and every evening I would explore where the next chapter would go. It all came together seamlessly, and when I finished the book, I knew it needed only a few editing touch-ups before publishing. Here's the blurb:

When Jennifer and Robert Stinson buy a beautifully restored Victorian house, the last thing they expect is to share their home with a ghost ― especially one with a penchant for setting fires. Unfortunately the ghostly arson only creates more tension in their already strained marriage. Jen launches her own investigation into the history of her house and discovers a surprising ally in a sympathetic fire captain. But can she unravel the mystery of the fires before they consume her home, her marriage … and her life?

So what do you do with a page-turner like that? Well, turn it into an audio book, of course! I'm happy to announce that Burning Through is now an audio book, narrated by Susan Iannucci, and available through Amazon, Audible, or iTunes. If you'd like to listen to a sample of it, you can do that here on my SoundCloud page. And if you want to find out how it all turns out, you'll have to read--or listen to--the rest of it.

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