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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Do You Ever Meet Readers?

Do you ever meet readers? That was the subject line of an email I got a while back. The email came from one of two brothers who had been sharing in the reading of my paranormal mystery books, the Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud Mystery Series. It turns out they were going to be in my area for a few days and wondered if they could buy me a cup of coffee. With an offer like that, how could I refuse? 

I have often met with readers. The most common place is book fairs where I set up a table and chat with people browsing through the many, varied offerings. What I enjoy about these is that most of the people are taking their time, enjoying a leisurely stroll through the book stalls, and are quite willing to simply talk about memorable books, unusual stories, and their own experiences. I may sell a few books, but that's not nearly as important as meeting readers and making a connection with them that goes beyond the writer/reader interface.

I've also been invited to book club meetings, which are great fun. The people at these meetings are avid readers which means they hold the bar pretty high; I'm always a little nervous about my books meeting it, but then pleasantly surprised when they do. Book club meetings offer a comfortable, intimate setting where readers and I can really delve into what makes a great book: story line, characters, conflict and resolution. I also like to give my new friends a little "behind the scenes" information about the book at hand. Kind of like the extra features on a DVD, it helps to round out the story a bit more, and gives the readers a fuller picture of the process.

So did I get my free cup of coffee? Yes, I did, plus much more. It was great to be able to sit down with the two men and simply chat, not only about my books, but about other books they'd read, ideas they had for my series (and I just might incorporate those--who knows?), our many common interests and common experiences. It made me realize again, as I have so many times, that my readers are the greatest! 

Friday, February 15, 2019

Double Trouble! New Release and Audio Book Contest!

You can tell I'm making hay while the sun shines--or while the snow flies! Very busy these last few months writing new Sam and Lacey books, publishing same, and producing audio books of the series as well. Sometimes I have to stop and think where I am on my various projects, but it's never boring.

First up is the new release of Book 17 of the Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud Mystery Series, Bordello Walk. Here's the skinny: 

Jerome, Arizona, is known as the most haunted town in the state. In its history as an old west mining town, it endured explosions, cave-ins, fires, and the usual consequences of rampant prostitution, gambling and gunfights. It experienced enough mayhem to generate countless ghosts, which is exactly why medium Sam Firecloud does not want to go there. When he and partner Lacey Fitzpatrick get a call to eradicate a ghost from an old bordello, there’s more at stake than simply freeing a tortured soul. Sam’s own soul could also be in danger. 

To celebrate the release, Bordello Walk will be just 99 cents through February 28, 2019.

Secondly, to introduce the first audio book of the series, Ghost Walk, I'm running a contest for 3 free audio book downloads. All you have to do to enter is post a comment on my Facebook page about what you might be doing while you're listening to Sam and Lacey's first case. Do you plan to listen while vacuuming? Driving to work? Climbing Mt. Everest? Let me know before February 28, 2019, and I'll choose the 3 most unique and interesting methods of listening, and those 3 people will win free downloads of the audio book. If you're a winner, I'll supply you with a code and directions for downloading. I'll also need to know if you're in the US or the UK, since the codes are different.

NEWS FLASH! Just released: the audio book of Skin Walk, Book 2 of the series. 

In the meantime, Book 18, Storm Walk, is in the can and I'm working on Book 19. The ideas just keep coming, so stay tuned.

And remember: Book 1, Ghost Walk, is always just 99 cents.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Valentine's Day Specials

Are you ready for a little love? How about a lot of it? Have I got a deal for you! To celebrate Valentine's Day, I've put all of my romance novels on sale for just 99 cents each. I've got historical to contemporary, sweet to sexy, serious to satire--definitely something for everyone. Take a look below, read the blurbs and see which one(s) sound good to you. Then load up that tablet and find a comfy corner to hide in. I won't tell!

Remember Me 
(Contemporary Romance)
Elly Cole wakes up bruised and battered in a hospital-and has no idea who she is or how she got there. Her brooding giant of a husband informs her that she had been fleeing with her lover who was killed in the car accident that left her injured, that she is pregnant with that lover's child and that she has nowhere else to go but home-with him. Struggling against the threat of her husband's dangerous rage and jealousy, Elly strives to regain her memory and reconstruct the life she left behind, wondering how she could ever have loved this man who hates her.

(Contemporary Romance)
Jessie Evans is a free-lance journalist, emphasis on the "free," with no plans to tie herself down. While researching a story in Flagstaff about Indian influences in Arizona, however, she encounters Lucas Shay, a smoldering paradox who is part Indian, part architect and all man. Whether igniting her temper with his arrogance or challenging her beliefs with his laser-like insight, Jessie can't deny that Lucas sets fire to her soul as well.

TheRare Breed
(Historical Romance)
The daughter of a white woman and an Indian brave, Catherine Boudry had spent the first thirteen years of her life among the Cheyenne. Restored at last to her mother’s wealthy parents, Cathy blossomed into womanhood surrounded by all the “civilized” comforts of the white man’s world. But at the age of twenty, the lure of her Indian heritage drew her back to the western plains. It was a journey that would awaken her to the joy and agony of passion in the arms of two very different men—Jory, the virile young trapper, and Barred Owl, the Cheyenne brave to whom she had been pledged in marriage long ago.

(Historical Romance)
Married and widowed within a 24-hour period, beautiful Leigh Banning watches as her storybook New Orleans life crumbles away piece by piece. In a heartbroken attempt to start over, she travels to the wilds of frontier Arizona in an effort to understand the father she never knew and is rewarded with gold from the legendary Lost Dutchman gold mine in the Superstition Mountains. The gold comes with a price tag, however—the murder of innocent people. Leigh’s quest for justice leads her to a remote Apache camp in the company of a proud Pima Indian and a handsome cavalry officer. Torn between the fiery kisses of the Major and the respectful love of the Pima, Leigh joins forces with the Apaches to battle gold-hungry killers and in the process discovers her true self and her one true love. 

Love's Savage Armpit
By Amber Flame (Satire)
Sealed to the man in an arranged marriage, Elizabeth rides the surging tide of shock and denial, lust and love, as she is swept from the manicured gardens of England to the savage shores of Africa and the wilds of the New World, never quite sure which Captain Elliott is the man she loves. Warning! This satiric romp is NOT your mother's romance novel!

The sale lasts through February 14, 2019. 

You can see all my books on my Amazon author page here.