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Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Release: Sonnets for Heidi

Just released! My 14th book and, as usual, it's nothing like anything I've done before. If you've read my other books, you know I never tell the same story twice. This one is a contemporary drama with a very timely subject. 

Trish Munroe never planned to be a caregiver, but circumstances have conspired to make her responsible for her elderly Aunt Heidi. Trish does her best to balance the demands of her job, her love life and Heidi’s advancing Alzheimer’s, but the pressure is taking its toll. When Heidi passes away, there’s a bittersweet reprieve until Trish uncovers a family secret of forbidden love that takes her on a tragic yet triumphant journey of the heart.

Thanks to my wonderful beta-readers, I already have some great reviews. Here's a sample:

Discovering the enduring cruelty of historic decisions is but one of the many facets of this beautifully illustrative tale of loss, dementia, family dynamics, love and loyalty that makes compelling reading right to the end.—Ian Mathie, author of The African Memoir Series

An emotional story of family secrets written with love, compassion, depth, and confidence.—Laurie Boris, author of A Sudden Gust of Gravity

Sonnets for Heidi is a heartfelt tale in which what-might-have-been becomes a way forward.—Lynne Cantwell, author of The Pipe Woman Chronicles

Sonnets for Heidi is available as a paperback now on Amazon. The e-book version will be available soon. Stay tuned!

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