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Friday, November 30, 2018

"Wanna Be in My Book?" Contest Winners

A couple weeks ago, you may recall, I opened up a contest to (1) find nicknames for prostitute ghosts in my latest book, Bordello Walk and (2) the three winners would be IN my book; I will be using their real names as the real names of the prostitutes. Well, the time has come to announce the winners. I chose the names based on how closely they fit with the characters I was dreaming up, because you know, the story is the thing. So without further ado...


The winners are:

Michelle "Mai Oui" Schulter
Julianne "Shorty" Stewart
K.S. "Cookie" Brooks

The book is progressing and the characters are starting to come into focus. As you may have guessed, all three of these "soiled doves" come to unfortunate endings, but leave it to Sam and Lacey to bring them some vindication and salvation. In the meantime, our intrepid paranormal investigators will discover the shadowy underworld of Jerome, Arizona, during its heyday in the wild West. 

Bordello Walk (Book 17) should be out early next year, but in the meantime, Karma Walk (Book 15) will be released very soon, and Mystery Walk (Book 16) will follow, probably in January. I'm hoping the audio book of Ghost Walk (Book 1) will be available before Christmas. Is this too much Sam and Lacey? I hope not, because there's more to come!

Stay tuned!

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