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Saturday, November 18, 2017

New Release: Dragon Walk

Have you ever wanted to walk on the wild side? On the ghostly side? On the paranormal side? Well, here's your chance. My mystery series with Lacey Fitzpatrick and Sam Firecloud is all on sale for just 99 cents each to celebrate the release of my latest installment, Dragon Walk, Book 5 of the series. If you've been following Sam and Lacey and have been waiting for their return, this is it. If you're new to the series, try out the first book, Ghost Walk, for just 99 cents. You won't be disappointed.
Dragon Walk

Four months ago, a pretty young marathoner disappeared while training on the isolated trails of Griffith Park in Los Angeles. The police have few leads, no witnesses and no results.  As a last resort, they call in private investigator Lacey Fitzpatrick and Navajo medium Sam Firecloud to pick up the rapidly cooling trail. Sam and Lacey, however, are on the outs. Their efforts to take their relationship to the next level failed miserably, and now they must redefine their working relationship, as well. Can they find the murdered girl and her killer, and still hang on to their partnership?   

Catch up on all the adventures of Sam and Lacey in the first four books.

All just 99 cents through November 26, 2017.

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