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Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Release! Ghost Walk!

I'm happy to announce the release of my latest book, Ghost Walk. After three time travel novels, I have returned to ghost stories, but with a twist. This is the beginning of a mystery series involving an ex-LAPD female detective and a male half-Navajo medium who commune with ghosts to find out who killed them. Here's the story behind this first book:

Lacey Fitzpatrick is an ex-LAPD detective with an axe to grind. Tainted by the betrayal of her drug-dealing cop boyfriend, she’s on a quest to prove to herself—and the world—that she’s still a competent crime-fighter. In order to do that, she teams up with Sam Firecloud, a half-Navajo man who communicates with ghosts. With his talent and her research, they tackle troubling unsolved crimes, but their latest case is the toughest. They have to solve a murder—where no record of a murder even exists. Can Sam glean enough information from the victim’s ghost to unravel the mystery, and can Lacey convince the authorities that the murder actually happened?

The book is available in both paperback and eBook, and to celebrate the release, I have priced the Kindle version at just 99 cents through January 28, 2017. 

I'm excited about these new characters, and am already  working on Book 2 of the series: Skin Walk. Stay tuned for more information about that in the coming months. And in the meantime, enjoy Ghost Walk!

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