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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Blank Page

Happy New Year! I love New Years. I love the feeling of resetting, starting from zero, nothing behind me but memories, everything in front of me. Everything is possible. Anything is possible. The world is wide open.

It's like starting a new book. I know some authors are intimidated by that startlingly white, blank sheet of paper. Not me. I love it.  It's so receptive, just waiting for my words. The only limits are the edges of the paper; beyond that, it will take anything I put on it. There are no judgments, no rules, no restrictions or restraints. 

What shall I do with that blank sheet of paper? Start a new novel? Keep working on my current WIP? Start a new photography blog for the local newspaper? Start blocking out a photography book? The possibilities are endless, bounded only by my imagination and that niggling thing called time. But the good news is that I have no deadlines. If I don't get it done today, there is tomorrow, and beyond that, the days after. 

Endless. Boundless. Open. Leading me into the future.

What direction will YOU go?

Happy New Year!

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