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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Author Interview: Nancy Safford

Today I’m sitting down for a chat session with my friend Nancy Safford to talk about her new book. The book is called A Magdalene Awakens: Hidden Temple Secrets, and it’s quite a journey. Nancy, give us an overview of this very personal story.

NS: My journey began when I moved from the Northeast to the Southwest, to Sedona, AZ, aware my life was changing. Here I encountered, and learned, to navigate other realities as I stepped into shamanism. I soon became a “vortex” guide to help those wanting experiences in the famous energies of Sedona, before I was called to look into the deeper mysteries of my lost feminine self. Soon I was facilitating journeys, pilgrimages to southern France, to places where legacies of Mary Magdalene had long  ago been left. I began making discoveries of hidden thing, secrets, I could identify through my other visions. Being able to step between worlds, I made, what feels to be, several valuable discoveries. After years of being silent about them, I feel that it is now time for them to be revealed, in my book. 

 MJB: Sounds like time, indeed. What was your intent on writing this book? Was it to simply record your own experiences or was it to share your insight with others? What were your hopes for what this book could become? And did it succeed?

 NS: First, my intention in writing this book, was to reveal the secrets that I discovered hidden deep within an ancient temple in Southern France. But then I thought it might be important to tell my story, what I had to learn and experience along the way that would lead me to make my mystical discoveries.  Yes, I believe my book has succeeded in accomplishing what I wanted. 

MJB: I’m guessing this was quite a therapeutic journey, as well. Did you find that? Did the process of writing your story lead you to new discoveries?

 NS: Well, yes, my journey led me to a place where I had to surrender and  be vulnerable, a place no one wishes to stay long. This book helped me to see everything the way it was, record it, honor it, so I could then step out of it, knowing that I was complete with this part of my story. 

MJB: I've found that writing very often does that; puts everything into perspective. What would you consider the most challenging aspect of writing a personal story like this?

NS: Getting all my emotions into it and being honest with myself.

 MJB: I know you’ve got a lot of other interests. What else do you have going on?

 NS: I continue to facilitate sacred journeys to southern France, or take  private clients there, for those who want to explore the legacies of Mary  Magdalene, the Knights Templar or the Cathars. Each wants to discover What feels real to them his or her truth. I also have private clients who come to Sedona for a retreat with me, I offer women’s circles and  trainings, I do Shamanic healing work and  teaching and I offer  clairvoyant readings and past life regressions for people. 

MJB: Are you working on any new books? Any other ideas in your head, or down on paper?

 NS: Yes, I have another book. There is more to my story and more mysterious inner temple secrets to be revealed about the Rennes Le Chateau area of southern France, the same area that the “DaVinci Code” movie talks about.

MJB: And if people want to read more about you and your journey, how can they do that?

 NS: Yes… check below


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