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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Actively Seeking Reviews

My first two books were published by a NY house back in the 80s. Both historical (western) romances, they did fairly well, and the publisher put them through several iterations over a course of years. When the publisher finally let them fall out of print and reassigned the rights to me, that's when I first began exploring self-publishing in order to keep the books viable. I reverted back to my original titles for them (the trad-pub titles were typical; each book had "Savage" in the title) and published them myself. Only problem was, the reviews for the originally published titles disappeared. So I am actively looking for reviews in exchange for a free e-copy of my book, Superstition Gold. 

Here's the book description:
Beautiful Leigh Banning travels to the wilds of frontier Arizona in an effort to understand the father she never knew. Her quest leads her to a remote Apache camp in the company of a proud Pima Indian and a handsome cavalry officer. Torn between the two men, Leigh joins forces with the Apaches to battle gold-hungry killers and in the process discovers her true self and her one true love.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, please order the book from Smashwords and use coupon code SK75K. You can order whatever your e-book format might be, whether Kindle or Nook or e-pub or...? Every type of e-book file is available. The coupon is good through May 30.

Thanks greatly in advance! Enjoy!

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