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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Unlimited - The Way to GO

Many of you may already be familiar with Kindle Unlimited. It's Amazon's newest idea: you pay $9.99 a month for an unlimited number of Kindle-format books. If you read voraciously, it's a heck of a deal. It's come in really handy for me since my husband recently discovered a western author he likes with a series of 30-something books! Even at a sales price of 99 cents each, there's no way that beats Kindle Unlimited. 

And the best part is, you don't even  need a Kindle to take advantage of this. Here are some frequently-asked questions about KU to explain.

On the heels of KU comes a new website devoted to KU books: This is a new site that is collecting as many KU books as possible, submitted by the authors. Currently they have quite a few categories of fiction, non-fiction and children's books. What I particularly like is the fact that, when I submit a book to them, they ask a few behind-the-scenes interview questions and then post an excerpt. It's a great way to find more about books before you download them.

So far, I've got four of my books up on ebooksunlimited already.  

If Kindle Unlimited sounds like a good deal to you, check it out. And once you've signed up for that, go to ebooksunlimited and check out the smorgasbord of books available to you. You won't be sorry!

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