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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Birthday Gifts for ALL!

September is my birthday month, and I've gotten into the habit of giving birthday gifts to my readers. This year is no different, so to kick off the month I'm offering my two novels about reincarnation at just 99 cents for the Kindle version. 

The first is my latest book, Fleischerhaus. I've categorized it as a paranormal/suspense/romance, as it has all three element woven into the story.
Julia Martin, newly-divorced but still reeling from her husband’s infidelity, takes a much needed vacation to visit old college friends in Germany. While touring a little-known concentration camp and museum, she spontaneously experiences a violent past life memory of being murdered in this very camp during the Holocaust. Efforts to understand her memories only lead to more questions, the largest being: is her killer still alive? Supported by her friends and comforted in the arms of a handsome doctor, Julia attempts to uncover the mysteries of her past life and find justice for the person she used to be.

The second is my earlier novel about reincarnation, Queen's Gold. This one is actually an action/adventure, quite a bit more of a wild ride. 

Hal Thompson is a pretty ordinary guy. A widower who owns his own small business, he’s doing his best to raise his two nearly adult children alone. When they convince him to undergo a hypnotic past-life regression, he is unimpressed that his “memories” reveal the hiding place of ancient Aztec gold. Other people, however, take it very seriously and when his family is threatened, he is forced to plunge into the jungles of Mexico, battling treacherous terrain, lethal wildlife and the haunting feeling of a love that spans centuries. Can he find the gold before it claims more lives? Or will he lose the love of his life … again?

So if you've wondered about reincarnation, if you've thought these books looked interesting, now is the time to grab 'em. They'll be 99 cents through September 10.


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