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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fun at the Library

As I posted in my last blog, I was recently invited to speak about my book, Stone's Ghost, at the Mohave County Library in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. My book is about one of the English ghosts who came with the London Bridge when it was dismantled piece by piece and brought to Arizona and reassembled across the Colorado River. 


Since I hadn't been to Havasu in about 30 years, it was great to see the city and the bridge again. And since I wrote the book based on the combination of that 30-year-old memory and online research, it was nice to know that I got most of the details right. As I was walking around the area, though, I realized that I left out some very obvious things, particularly the seagulls flying over the bridge and the ducks that swam under it. Oh, well; can't have everything.

The Mohave County Library is a wonderful place. It's big, bright and open, and the best thing is: it's full of people! How often do we read that print books and libraries are dying breeds, that e-books and e-readers are taking over and ringing the death knell of "real" books? Not true! I was very happily surprised to see this library catering to its clientele in many varied ways, and to see so many people gratefully taking advantage of this wonderful resource. 

And part of that great relationship was my talk and the folks who came to hear it. We had a great group of people who were interested in the behind-the-scenes process of writing the book, and they were full of questions and comments. We had a very informal, fun morning chatting about all sorts of things and supported by the fabulous library folk who provided munchies and drinks. I enjoyed it immensely, and I think everyone else did, too.

I want to thank Mary Jo and Carol and all the Friends of the Library who helped make this possible, and I especially want to thank the people who attended. It's readers like you who make it all worthwhile for writers like me! 

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